In-Home Elderly/Senior Care Services in Cobb County, Georgia

Caregivers Serving Cobb County, Georgia

Senior Home Health Care | Dementia/ Respite Care | Companionship Services | Disabled Care | Alzheimer Care

LEXX HOMECARE AGENCY, LLC provides accountability for the care, treatment, and service provided by monitoring and evaluating performance outcomes and a continuous quality improvement program by giving our patients the utmost care, safety, and security.

Types of Care

  • Supportive Care, Cobb County, GeorgiaSupportive Care

  •  In-Home Care Services , Cobb County, Georgia In-Home Care Services

  • Facility Aides, Cobb County, GeorgiaFacility Aides

  • Hospital Sitter Care Services, Cobb County, GeorgiaHospital Sitter Care Services

  • After Surgery In-Home Care Services, Cobb County, GeorgiaAfter Surgery In-Home Care Services

  • Companion Care Services, Cobb County, GeorgiaCompanion Care Services

  • Hospice Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaHospice Care

  • Incontinence Care, Cobb County, GeorgiaIncontinence Care

  • Personal Care Services, Cobb County, GeorgiaPersonal Care Services

  • Respite Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaRespite Care

  • Senior Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaSenior Care

  • Special Needs Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaSpecial Needs Care

  • Postpartum Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaPostpartum Care

  • Memory Care  , Cobb County, GeorgiaMemory Care

  • Brain Injury Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaBrain Injury Care

  • Cancer Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaCancer Care

  • Parkinson's Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaParkinson's Care

  • Multiple Sclerosis Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaMultiple Sclerosis Care

  • Diabetic Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaDiabetic Care

  • Heart Attack Care , Cobb County, GeorgiaHeart Attack Care

  • Bowel and Bladder Care, Cobb County, GeorgiaBowel and Bladder Care

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