Dementia / Respite, & Senior Home Care in Marietta, Georgia

LEXX Homecare Agency is licensed by the State of Georgia Healthcare Facility Regulation (HFR) division of the Department of Community Health (DCH). LEXX provides accountability for the care, treatment, and service provided by monitoring and evaluating performance outcomes and a continuous quality improvement program by giving our patients the utmost care, safety, and security. LEXX Homecare LLC delivers a wide range of services that create plenty of options for your specific needs. We strive to provide the highest standards of health care and treat you or your loved ones with love. We help you find a cost-effective way to manage your health right in the comfort of your own homes.

It can be helpful for you to undergo recovery where the environment is familiar and conducive for your well-being – like your very own home. Hospital stays are quite expensive and cause much burden on bills and charges and stress of booking appointments. It is our goal to help our patients do simple day-to-day activities of living and to support them as they become independent individuals after a minor and significant injury or while clients undergo treatment for health issues physically, mentally, or emotionally. The services are provided by licensed Professional Nurses who are trained and are either called a qualified Personal care Aides/Certified Nursing Assistants and Companion/Sitters. All services and nursing care are monitored and supervised by Registered Nurses. Our objective is to improve our clients’ lives – regardless of their injury, illness, age, or developmental disability. Contact our home health care staff now and inquire for more information about our medical treatment care plans. We offer home visits weekly, daily, or hourly with LEXX Homecare LLC. We achieve health management at your most favorable convenience.