Frequently Asked Questions About In-Home Care

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With age living independently can become risky for many elderly individuals, especially if they suffer from illnesses. If you or your elderly loved one prefers the comfort and flexibility of living at home, in-home care is the perfect solution. However, when it comes to choosing home care, there are a ton of questions you may have, and find answers difficult to come by. At Lexx Homecare Agency, LLC., we understand the challenge you may be facing, and we want to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you make a smart choice. For this reason, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about in-home care.

1. How do I get home care?
You can acquire home care services by researching and contacting home care agencies in your area. You can choose the one with the best reviews and services that will help you.

2. How do I get Medicaid home care services?
By applying with our Medicaid intake referral form and including your name, and personal data, along with your Medicaid number, you can apply for Medicaid home care services. The form you fill will be submitted to the State for approval. Accordingly, you will receive benefits.

3. How long does it take for Medicaid approval?
Medicaid approval usually takes two to three months to be approved.

4. Once you submit my form to the State, what happens?
After the submission, a nurse from the State will contact you, perform a series of assessments to ensure that the information you entered is accurate and complete.

If you have any more questions about in-home care services, get in touch with the experts at Lexx Homecare Agency, LLC. We offer dementia, respite, and senior home care in Marietta, Georgia. We are licensed by the State of Georgia Healthcare Facility Regulation (HFR) division of the Department of Community Health (DCH). We provide accountability for the care, treatment, and services we provide by monitoring and evaluating performance outcomes and implementing a continuous quality improvement program by giving our patients the utmost care, safety, and security.

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